Referee’s Demand

Referee’s demands

If the company asks you to pay a certain amount of money, it is for the security of the match. Of course the amount is not large, and also this payment is not mandatory. Exactly 7 referees are involved in a football match. If you pay, your earnings are guaranteed by us, otherwise we could not guarantee you.

Beware of additional fees and commissions!

You should always check if there are any additional fees (fees) for the payment method you have chosen. This can be a limiting factor in choosing which payment method to use.

You must be aware of the deposits and payment methods. What if you can put money in ten different ways, if you get pay in only one, inert and long way. Therefore, make sure that the online casino offers the payment method you prefer. So that the money can be pay to you in the most convenient way for you. Most casinos offer a wide range of deposits and payment methods, as they are well aware that they need to offer the best terms to their members and keep them as customers.